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Stirring Up Britain’s Luxury Tea Market, One Orange at A Time


“We don’t sell tea, we serve the unique Babingtons experience and story in a cup.”

Since 1997 Chiara Bedini, joint CEO with Rory Bruce President of the Babingtons tea rooms in Rome next to the tourist hot spot of the Spanish Steps has been crafting her tea expertise.

With over 50,000 international guests to the tea room every year (except during a global lockdown), Chiara and Rory thought, if the world comes to Babingtons, why not take Babingtons to the world? Hence in 2021, Babingtons Trading Company Ltd (BTC) was born.

 “My earliest memories of tea are of the smell of Darjeeling wafting up from the cellars of my home. My passion for this fascinating drink and for the British Tea Ceremony has inspired most of my working life” Chiara Bedini

 Chiara brings her gift and passion to life in every aspect of the brand experience. Whether writing her tea blog or designing and delivering tea courses & events ranging from tea etiquette to the perfect afternoon Victorian Tea.

The Babingtons customer is invited to become part of Babingtons ‘living history’ and to journey through a world of irreverence, wit and charm.

Babingtons Blends & Women In Business

Founded by two well-to-do British ladies and friends, Miss Anna Maria Babington and Isabel Cargill in 1893, the company has been kept alive by notable women including their Grandmother Dorothy and Diana, Chiara’s aunt. Today Chiara continues this family lineage of intelligent, independent and daring women and is reaslising a new era for Babingtons Blends future, starting with the UK launch.

"Isabel and Anna Maria, way back in the 1800s, mixed black teas creating the Babingtons Breakfast Special, but learning from the past and looking to the future, today I can easily say we have the best teas, all 100% natural. So whilst I wonder what Isabel and Anna Maria would say about their roman adventure, I hope the next generation of women and men will continue the work of the family business and enable it to thrive worldwide." Chiara Bedini

What About the Orange?

When brewing a perfect cup of tea tea, Chiara firmly believes Brits need to ditch the lemon, in preference for an orange because lemons are very acidic and they ruin subtle tastes of fresh tea and the beneficial healing properties of tea leaves.

"At Babingtons tea rooms in Rome, we never ever serve lemon. If customers insist, we suggest orange instead and they always love it. You should try it too" - Chiara Bedini

Zoom Interview 

Chiara is available for interview, please don't hesitate to get in touch



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