For 128 years, the world has been coming to Babingtons, Rome to enjoy this heady elixir. Now we are bringing Babingtons Blends – all unique, natural and hand blended teas – to the world. These are some of our most popular blends, beloved by our customers. Why are we doing this now? Because everyone else just sells tea.

At Babingtons, we are sommeliers of tea who delight in tickling tastebuds. We are experts at balancing flavour notes, from the tangy citrus hints of Ceylon to the sweet cocoa and caramel of Keemun. From our passion for the ritual of loose leaf and enthusiasm for the convenience of pyramid teabags, all our packaging is designed to lock in the natural quality & freshness of our teas while only using 100% recyclable or biodegradable materials. We are proud that all Babingtons Blends are Natural-Ethical-Sustainable. That is our promise.

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Chiara and Rory's Story

Our story begins with an entrepreneurial spirit that led our Great Grandmother, Isabel Cargill and her closest friend, Anna Maria Babington to create something special in the heart of Rome, making afternoon tea a fixture of the Eternal City for over 128 years. Today, our family affair with tea continues as we take Babingtons Blends and its incredible story to the rest of the world. We invite you join us there.


During a trip to Rome in 1893 as part of the Grand Tour, Miss Babington & Miss Cargill sought refuge from the heat of the day. Where they thought could a lady relax, read journals, discuss the news and events of the times - and of course enjoy a cup of the finest, refreshing, health giving tea? So, with that thought, our somewhat eccentric, ahead of their time and entrepreneurial founders created Babingtons Tea Rooms.


When you create an account with Babingtons, you instantly become part of the ‘living story’ of Babingtons. Our unique blends place great emphasis on health and well-being, so all are Natural, Ethical and Sustainable. Chiara Bedini, great granddaughter of Isabel Cargill, is imbued with our founders’ spirit in celebrating a unique fusion of taste, style, eccentricity, wit, and ethical behaviour. We invite you to join her here.