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Brewing Excellence: Loose Leaf Tea vs. Pyramid Tea Bags

For centuries, tea has been cherished as a beverage that combines indulgence with relaxation, and at Babingtons we have been brewing tea since 1893. In recent years we’ve seen a rise in the popularity of loose-leaf tea and pyramid tea bags but which brewing method reigns supreme? Keep scrolling as we delve into the advantages and nuances of drinking loose-leaf tea and pyramid tea bags.

Quality and Freshness:

Loose leaf tea consists of whole or partially broken tea leaves, allowing for optimal brewing and infusing. The large surface area of the leaves enables water to circulate freely, resulting in a more nuanced flavour profile.

Up until the invention of pyramid tea bags, we never considered using tea bags for our blends, which are made with premium whole tea leaves and cannot be squeezed and crushed into traditional tea bags. These tea bags are designed with spacious, pyramid-shaped infusers that allow the tea leaves ample room to expand and release their flavours meaning the quality and freshness of our teabags matches that of our loose leaf blends. 

Variety and CustomiSation:

Loose leaf tea truly shines when it comes to variety and customisation. With loose leaf tea, you have the freedom to experiment with a wide range of flavours and blends. From floral and earthy to fruity and spicy, loose leaf teas offer an extensive selection, catering to diverse palates and preferences. Additionally, loose leaf tea allows you to control the quantity of tea leaves, adjusting the strength and intensity of each cup according to your personal preference.

While pyramid tea bags may not offer the same degree of customisation as loose leaf tea, we do offer most of our signature Babingtons blends in a teabag. This makes them a convenient option for those seeking a quick and hassle-free tea experience. Pyramid tea bags often provide consistency in taste, making them a reliable choice for everyday brewing.


In recent years, the importance of sustainability in our daily choices has gained considerable attention. When it comes to the environment, loose leaf tea usually stands out as the more eco-friendly option. Loose leaf tea minimises packaging waste, and you reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating the energy-intensive manufacturing processes associated with producing tea bags.

The good news is, our pyramid tea bags are also made from biodegradable materials, reducing their environmental impact and contain no plastic. If you are looking for convenience, our pyramid tea bags are also a good sustainable option. 

Whichever method you choose, remember that brewing the perfect cup of tea is an art form that can be enjoyed in various ways. So, whether you decide to immerse yourself in the ritual of loose leaf tea or embrace the ease of pyramid tea bags, savour each sip and allow yourself to be captivated by the time-honoured tradition of tea drinking.

“Oh, and of course, only our teas include a secret ingredient - our family's 

love in every sip. Enjoy.”

- Chiara