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Celebrating National Iced Tea Day with Babingtons Blends Recipes


Finally we can enjoy the warmer weather, lazing alongside the pool or relaxing in the garden with cool, refreshing drinks. Iced teas are ideal because they are not only thirst quenching, but also make a delicious and healthy drink. If prepared and infused correctly, iced teas and tisanes will loose none of their anti-oxidising, purifying, detoxing, relaxing and energising benefits.

Here’s how to make the perfect iced tea to enjoy at home using Babingtons blends:

For black and infused teas such as Miss Babington 125, Karha Chai and Breakfast Special Blend we suggest using the hot method:

- Prepare your tea making it stronger than you normally would, (Add 15g of tea leaves to 1 litre of 95°water)
- Leave it to cool to room temperature then put it in the fridge.
- When it comes to serving the tea place two or three ice cubes in a glass, pour the cold tea over the ice then garnish to your taste with sugar syrup, citrus, spices, fresh fruit mint leaves or milk.

For Green and white teas such as Moroccan Secret or Royal White Passion, we suggest using the cold method:

- Pour cold water directly on to the tealeaves (for 1 litre use 10g of tealeaves)
- Leave in the fridge for 6 – 8 hours.
- Strain the tea and keep refrigerated.
- When the time comes for serving, place 2 or 3 cubes of ice in a glass and pour the tea over it and dress it to your own tastes: sugar syrup, citrus, spices, fresh fruit, mint leaves, milk.

Finally, the “On the rocks” method can be used for any of our tea blends. This method is very simple and perfect for those who want a quick cup of tea.

- Brew the tea or infusion using the times and temperatures provided, adding an extra 50% of tea leaves to make it strong, and flavour as you please.
- Fill a glass to the brim with ice and pour in the tea. It’s important to use a lot of ice, otherwise it will melt and the tea will become watery.

Relax and enjoy the freshness of this delicious and healthy summer drink!



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