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Pyramid Tea Bags: Brewing Perfection in a Pyramid

Tea is an integral part of many cultures and is cherished for its delightful flavours, soothing aromas, and numerous health benefits. As tea enthusiasts continue to explore new ways to enjoy their favourite beverage, one innovation that has gained significant popularity is the pyramid tea bag. With its unique design and exceptional brewing capabilities, the pyramid tea bag has revolutionised the tea-drinking experience. At Babingtons we only use pyramid tea bags for our unique tea blends. Read on to discover why.  

The pyramid tea bag is a relatively recent invention that emerged in the early 2000s. It was developed as an improvement over traditional flat tea bags to enhance the brewing process and deliver a superior cup of tea. The design was inspired by the concept of loose-leaf tea, which allows the leaves to expand fully during infusion, resulting in a more flavourful and aromatic brew.

"Tea Bags are a great idea, but up until the invention of pyramid tea bags, I never considered using them for my blends, which are made with premium whole tea leaves and cannot be squeezed and crushed into traditional tea bags.

The good news is, now it's not only possible to enjoy a premium tea in a tea bag, but you are also not impacting the environment. Infact, pyramid tea bags are designed to give a lot more space for the tea leaves to open up and release their aroma and taste. Because our tea bags are made with biodegradable material which is transparent, it's lovely to see the tea leaves before, during and after brewing.

And these tea bags have no glue and no metal points so you can fully enjoy the wonderful nuances and notes of our blends, just like a loose leaf tea. I think this is a great innovation in the tea bag world and in promoting quality teas. 

Oh, and of course, only our premium pyramid tea bags include a secret ingredient - our family's love in every sip. Enjoy."

- Chiara

Advantages of Pyramid Tea Bags:

Enhanced Flavour Extraction:

Unlike traditional flat tea bags, pyramid tea bags offer ample space for tea leaves to expand and unfurl during steeping. This expanded space allows for better water circulation around the leaves, facilitating optimal flavour extraction. As a result, tea brewed using pyramid tea bags tends to have a fuller, more robust taste.

Superior Aroma:

The pyramid shape of the tea bag provides sufficient room for the tea leaves to release their aromatic oils during steeping. This allows the enticing aromas to permeate the cup, creating a sensory experience that enhances the enjoyment of the tea.

Quality Ingredients:

Our Pyramid tea bags are filled with our unique tea blends - high-quality whole tea leaves, herbs, and botanicals. This ensures that you are getting the finest ingredients in every cup, providing a more authentic and satisfying tea-drinking experience.


Pyramid tea bags are designed for convenience. The spacious shape makes them easy to handle and remove from the cup after steeping. Additionally, they eliminate the need for infusers or strainers, making the preparation much simpler.


At Babingtons, our pyramid tea bags are made from biodegradable materials with zero plastic. Opting for eco-friendly pyramid tea bags allows tea lovers to enjoy their favourite beverage guilt-free, knowing they are reducing their environmental impact.

Pyramid tea bags have undoubtedly elevated the tea-drinking experience, offering a convenient and superior brewing method. So, the next time you crave a cup of tea, give our Babingtons pyramid tea bags a try and embark on a flavourful journey that will tantalise your taste buds and uplift your spirit.