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Celebrate National Picnic Week with Babingtons Blends


To celebrate National Picnic Week we're sharing our top tips for how to prepare & pair tea with delicious picnic treats.

Take the stress out of creating a delicious feast for your family and friends with tips by Chiara Bedini, CEO of the tea rooms in Rome and UK launch.

How to Choose a Perfect Picnic Tea

With so many delicious choices, it can be a little daunting.

A general rule of thumb is to choose a black tea that pairs perfectly with either savoury or sweet foods. Select fresh teas that your guests can enjoy either hot or cold, allowing you to prepare accordingly with or without milk. 

It’s for these reasons that Babingtons Blends Breakfast Special and the Earl Grey Imperial are perfect for picnics. As our ‘hero’ teas too, they’re going to be very popular with your guests.

And finally, always choose an herbal option, for those of your guests who prefer a caffeine free drink, such as Babingtons Forest Fruits, loved by all. 


Hero Teas

Breakfast Special Blend

Breakfast Tea is the most popular tea in the UK and was first served at Babingtons in 1893. The common recipe for a Breakfast Tea includes three strong black teas.

Babingtons Breakfast Special is a slightly more aromatic, musky, and smooth version of traditional breakfast tea. A well-balanced blend that combines the citrus scents of Ceylon black tea, the musky scents of Darjeeling tea and the smooth roundness of China Yunnan.


Balanced, with hints of floral scents, citrus, honey, and a light caramelised aftertaste

Pair With

Picnic treats like finger sandwiches, cream cakes, scones and biscuits.


Quantity: 2g for 150 ml of water, temperature: 95 °infusion: 3-4 minutes


Darjeeling, Ceylon and Yunnan Black Tea

Tasting Tips

We recommend drinking this tea alone or with a dash of milk and / or sugar. This tea is also delicious served iced cold.

Earl Grey Imperial

Babingtons’ version of the world’s most famous black scented tea, the Imperial Earl Grey is an intense and citrussy, yet very well balanced, all-natural blend. Enjoy this traditional blend black tea and bergamot, enriched with lemon peel and vibrant flowers.


Intense and citrusy, with a subtle sweetness

Predominant Hints


Pair With

-       Picnic treats including savouries, smoked salmon, rice and salads

-       Biscuits, apple pies, carrot cake, lemon and key lime pies, Ratafias biscuits


Quantity: 2g for 150 ml of water, temperature: 95 °infusion: 3-4 minutes


Sri Lankan Black Tea (90%), Lemon Peel, Blue Cornflowers, Safflower, Natural Bergamot Flavouring

Tasting tips

We recommend drinking this tea alone or with a dash of milk and / or sugar.

Beneficial Properties of Tea:

black tea, known as “red tea”, in China, is produced with fully oxidized leaves of the Camelia Sinensis. The tea plant contains vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, and caffeine, which help us improve performance and concentration.


Photo Credits:


Cara Mills - Gin and Interiors


Equation Design Studio


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- Brownies & Scones – Waitrose

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